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Adult Sexual Education Series

At this point, most of us know where babies come from. The birds and the bees, on the a very surface level, isn't a mystery. And while basic anatomy likely isn't lost on us, most of us would be too shy to admit the holes in our knowledge about sex, sexuality, gender, orientation, and communication in healthy sexual relationships. 

Sacred Health believes that Sex and Sexuality is an important part of a person's wellness journey. The choice to engage in a sexual relationship or not, is a personal journey. And Sacred Health hopes to provide a safe space to explore, learn, and help people discover their own truth about their sexuality. 

The Workshop Series is based on several resources, with O.W.L. being a huge part of that. O.W.L., or Our Whole Lives, is an extremely inclusive and accurate curriculum, with a focus on helping the individual build an understanding of healthy sexual relationships, affirms diversity and helps participants accept and affirm their own sexuality throughout their lives. Adult Sexual Education is offered in two formats at Sacred Health. This gives you the opportunity to decide how much exploration you want to do! The two options are:

  • A 12 week Series, currently being taught online in a creative Hybrid Format. This format allows for intimacy to grow with the participants, which is of course an important part of exploring sexuality! The topics covered in the series include the following:

    • ​Workshop One: Sexuality and Values

    • Workshop Two: Sexuality and Communication

    • Workshop Three: Sexuality and Spirituality

    • Workshop Four: Discovering the Sexual Self

    • Workshop Five: Experiencing the Sexual Other

    • Workshop Six: Sexual Attraction and Early Relationships

    • Workshop Seven: Sexuality and Developing Relationships

    • Workshop Eight: Sexuality and Committed Relationships

    • Workshop Nine: Sexual Diversity

    • Workshop Ten: Sexuality and Family

    • Workshop Eleven: Sexuality and Aging

    • Workshop Twelve: Sexual Health

  • Individual Sessions, which will be offered once a month. Topics covered will be the same as the above workshops, but will be offered one at a time, allowing you to pick up on topics that you find interesting and skipping the ones that you don't. Watch our Events Calendar for these workshops, you can sign up one at a time!

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This course can be booked via our Booking Platform. The cost for the entire course is $295. Early Bird Registration takes the price down to $255! The course includes a PDF with handouts, fillable forms, and images, and access to a Sacred Sexuality Facebook Group, only accessible to students. Book today to get in on the first Adult Sexual Education Course being offered at Sacred Health!

All Adult Sexual Education Courses require your attendance at a FREE Intro Course. 

Sacred Health Adult Sexual Education will be an exciting prospect for some adults, an unnerving challenge for others, and a serious opportunity for introspection for everyone. This Intro Course is required for all other Adult Sex Ed classes at Sacred Health, and gives participants an overview of the program and a sense that their experience will be positive and empower. It also allows the instructors to gather valuable information about your individual needs and interests. The following goals will be met:

  • To experience an introduction to the values, content and logistics of Sacred Health Adult Sexual Education courses.

  • To adopt and introduce the ground rules for Adult Sexual Education Courses.

  • To become acquainted with the instructors.  

  • To complete some surveys indicating some of your own attitudes and interests about sexuality.

  • To explore an understanding of what sexuality includes.

  • To identify resources that can increase understanding and appreciation of human sexuality.