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Hannah Pye

Doula, Benkung Belly Binding Specialist, HypnoBirthing Doula

I've been in awe of childbirth since as far back as I can remember and I've been around it for just as long. My utmost priority is simply supporting the goals of the mommies that I work with. I feel so honored to enter into that sacred space and I aim to be a blessing while I am there. If mama and baby are happy, then I am happy!

I am a Benkung belly binding specialist. I can teach you how to wrap yourself or come into your home and do it for you for an additional fee. I am currently certifying as a hypnobirthing doula and I am trained to identify and aid in addressing concerns for lactation during pregnancy and immediately postpartum. Along with emotional and physical support, I also provide resources and evidenced based information to empower you to make confident and informed decisions throughout your entire pregnancy and birth journey.


Jewelz Smith

Doula, Certified Lactation Consultant

I’m Jewelz a coffee loving, birth geeking mama of two! I love hanging out with pregnant people and all the babies!

I’m a certified birth doula,Lactation Specialist, and childbirth educator. I love teaching pregnant folks about how amazing their body is and how awesome birth is. I love supporting birthing folks and helping them find their inner worrier during birth. I’m also passionate about helping families with their chest/breastfeeding journeys. No ones pregnancy, birth, or feeding journeys look the same! I’m here to meet you where you’re at educate and support you getting to your goal! I’ll educate, advocate, hold your space and maybe even cry a little and be here for you!

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Emily Alberhasky


My name is Emily Alberhasky and I have been a birth doula in the Des Moines area since 2010. I absolutely love supporting birthing people and their partners in one of the most vulnerable and life changing moments in their lives. It's an honor to have been with so many beautiful families on their birth journey. 

I am a mother to five beautiful children who teach me every day how to be more present, more authentic, and more compassionate. My role as a mother has taught me more about how to show up for life. All of it. Even the hard stuff. ESPECIALLY the hard stuff. It's also taught me that we cannot do it alone. We need people. We need connection. I couldn't be more humbled to hold space for and offer companionship to families during this time in their lives and beyond…hence, Your Doula for Life.

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Amanda Snowwhite

Doula, Herbalist, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

As a proud Mother, I know first hand how impactful the process of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and lactation is. I offer services that cross the spectrum of the birthing families needs.

From the plants on your plate to the ones you steep in your favorite mug, I have made plants and getting to know these incredible healers my practice.


I decided to enroll at the American College of Healthcare Sciences where I earned an Associates of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine double majoring in Herbalism and Aromatherapy with a minor in Holistic Nutrition.


At my core, I have a deep respect for this earth and its alchemy.


Shannissy Catron

Doula, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Massage Therapist

Budding Roses is dedicated to holding space for, and catering to the needs of those who are on their journey to healing physical or emotional traumas. I strive to meet you where you're at, and help guide you to your desired destination.

Budding Roses offers a variety of services at my studio located within Sacred Health, in the Uptown shopping area.

Some things I offer are:

- Birth Doula Package

- Childhood Sexual Trauma Counseling for those on their parenting journeys (online and in person)

- Prenatal, Ashiatsu, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, hot stones, and therapeutic massage (60, 90 and 120 minute sessions)

- Placenta encapsulation, tinctures, prints, smoothie prep, and placenta planting 

Contact me for more information!

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Miranda Hanan

Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, Herbal Product Maker

Unfortunately, Miranda no longer lives in the area - however, we still carry her products and continue to rely on her expertise as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula! So, we felt it fitting to keep her on the website.

New Moon Herbs is a business that puts people + environment before profit. We use century old herbs in all of our modern day products. We feel it is our responsibility and privilege to honor Mother Earth in everything we do, so sustainability and consciousness are a daily practice in our business. By composting all herb waste, exclusively using glass and reusing boxes/packaging, we try to be as low waste as possible. We also source all of our ingredients locally to empower other small businesses around us. 

We feel beyond privileged to offer support to new mothers this year by offering Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula services. We support healing by using the ancient practices of Ayurveda while providing deeply empathetic, connective companionship. We believe that birth work is holy work and cannot wait to be the portal of mind, body, spirit healing to new mothers.


Our ultimate mission at New Moon Herbs is to sustainably provide our community with herbal wellness. Our products support, uplift and encourage health by using the most basic, ancient medicine of all; herbs. We are here to serve you the best we can, so if you are in need of a product we don't sell, please email Miranda for a free consultation. Thank you all for truly being the best customers out there. Sending so much love to all of you. 

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Jenny Wood 


My name is Jenny Wood and I’m an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant An IBCLC is someone who has met the high requirements for hours of lactation specific education as well as health science courses and also has a minimum of hours of on one one counseling and lactation experience.


I am passionate about helping you meet your breastfeeding goals. The most important reason that I do what I do is to empower mothers and breastfeeding parents to trust themselves and their own instincts. Breastfeeding is one part of that relationship and it is my great privilege to help parents navigate that successfully. My definition of success is when someone leaves a visit with me feeling confident and empowered.


I believe lactation services are needed because we’ve lost so much of the knowledge that had been passed down, mother to mother, from sisters and aunts and grandmothers. I want to help us to regain that knowledge and form supportive communities where we can nurture each other and our children.