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Sabbath's Services

This list of my online bookable services is here for your convenience! Please feel free to book. If you would rather ask questions before you commit to a day and time, please email me!

If you are seeking IV Therapy or Injectable Services, learn more here. We are happy to work with you, and focus almost exclusively on pregnant, postpartum, fertility, and chronic illness patients. 


Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy is a technique used to address PTSD or PTSD like reactions in those that have a self-described traumatic fertility journey, pregnancy, birth, or postpartum experience either recently or in their history. 


If you are seeking more information about placenta encapsulation, benefits, and the process itself - please reach out to us here. 


Midwifery Services/Lactation Services

Midwifery Services are provided exclusively to Woman Rising Midwifery clients, however Lactation visits can be provided to anyone needing hands on assistance with breastfeeding. In office, or in your home. 

Let's Work Together

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