every body is a yoga body


We all have good days, and bad days. Some days the checklist is complete, and other days we look for that Plan B. 

Your movement choices shouldn't have to suffer, especially when they are therapeutic and or possibly used to help with pain management. 

This is why we chose to offer The Sacred Yoga Project. Whether this is an Accessible Yoga or Chair Yoga class with instructor Janis Ware, or a SomaYoga class with Pam Steinick, getting your asana during a time that works for you should be easy. 

Maybe Monday morning starts off slowly, or you have an appointment at that specialist that you've been waiting for since late last year. You can have your life and your therapeutic yoga too.

The Sacred Yoga Project is an inclusive approach to specialized yoga that can be done in the comfort of your own home, when it works for you. Every week, a new 30 minute Specialized yoga class is uploaded. You can join anytime, anywhere, any number of times.

These routines are all designed to be done repetitively, and are curated to optimize multiple practice throughout the week. You'll have access to them for 28 days, so at any given time, you'll have 4 routines to choose from!

The constant rolling content will help you stay engaged, while your body becomes familiar with the flow and movement of each sequence, gaining strength and confidence with each session. The one thing we can absolutely guarantee is that if a movement doesn't work for you, our instructors knows how to find a solution. Currently, we offer this membership type in the style of Accessible Yoga, Chair Yoga, and SomaYoga. 


The Sacred Yoga Project


A Unique Routine Each Week

A new routine is designed for you each week. This may include the use of props (alternative household items can for sure be used!), a chair, or simply time on the mat. These 30 minute routines are designed to get maximum engagement in an obtainable amount of time. 

Available Entirely Online

Not only will you be able to do these from the comfort of your own home, but you'll have access to 4 weeks worth of videos to draw from, if you feel like mixing it up! You can access them from desktop, tablet or mobile device, either through our website or through our Sacred Health App!


Repetition Means Improvement

Have you ever tried learning a new language? It takes repetition and exposure to improve your skills. Practicing one routine all week long means that you have time to find your groove and get comfortable with the movements. Then, next week, we shake it up with a new routine!

Improvement Is Not Measured in Inches

The goal in our therapeutic style of Yoga is to learn how to be in your body. The only before and after pictures we want to see are the ones that include a smiling face after you've spent time engaging in a meaningful practice.  We believe all people deserve to have access to yoga if they choose it and that every BODY can practice yoga. 

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