Childbirth Education Series

Are you interested in taking a childbirth education course that doesn't feel like it comes out of the 1980s? Looking for an Evidence Based and highly Inclusive Childbirth Education Series that welcomes everyone, regardless of who they are, and what their family is going to look like?

Sacred Health is offering Childbirth Education based on the [M]otherboard Childbirth Education Curriculum. This series is designed to show all the options, and focus on the experience of birth with each unique individual in mind. 

These classes will be taught live, via Zoom, using a multitude of tools and options to closely mimic the ultimate in-person experience that we all wish we could have right now. Each class series will look a little something like this:

  • A Facebook Group for your class, where you can all continue to connect, share experiences, commiserate, and show each other support. 

  • Weekly Zoom Classes on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm. 

    • These classes will be facilitated by a few different Sacred Health Staff Members (these rotate for every series), who all come prepared with their own unique perspectives including Labor and Delivery Nurses, Doulas, HypnoBirthing Instructors, Traditional Childbirth Education Instructors, and Prenatal Yoga Instructors. 

    • Presentations via prerecorded videos will feature ALL of these instructors, regardless of class series.

    • Fully interactive shared screen meetings, use of breakout rooms, and clever use of chat and Zoom features to accommodate for in-person activities. 

    • Fully Interactive PDF Workbook, with fillable pages, modern and artistic presentation, and use of embedded videos. 

    • 10 weeks of classes, to spread out information to effectively cover it, and to allow for more community building!

  • Access to Sacred Health Pregnancy and Postpartum Services and Classes, including discounted access to additional supplemental classes offered by our team of Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, and Lactation specialists.

See the calendar below for more information about upcoming workshops! Our next one is planned to start November 18th, 2020 at 6pm. Register here, or email us here for more information!

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