Getting to Know: Hannah Pye

I’m Hannah Pye, a birth doula and a Bengkung Belly Binding expert. As a doula, I love coming to the birth space with reverence and honoring that space by being as much of a blessing as I am able to be.

As a Benkung binder, I use and sell belly binds and other binding essentials and I can teach you how to use them yourself or I can do it for you for as long as you need/want in the postpartum period.

Can you explain what that is?

As a doula, I’m an informed consent enthusiast! I’m also physical and emotional support from the beginning of pregnancy to the very end and even for a while after. I am trained in helping you to establish a good breastfeeding relationship (if that is your goal) before your baby is even born and I can help you sort out minor concerns postpartum as well.

Benkung binding is an ancient Malaysian tradition that aids in postpartum recovery. This long piece of muslin cloth can contour to your exact shape and give support. Benefits include but are not limited to: Providing support while breastfeeding, healing Diastasis Recti, correcting posture, relieving postpartum cramping and aiding the uterus in the natural involution process.

Why are you passionate about birthwork? Why do you love doing it?

When I had my third baby I had my first doula and it was a game changer for me. I never thought I needed a doula, because I had no idea the value that a trained birth coach could bring to my birth space. My doula helped me reposition my baby, she helped me remember my goals, she encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t go on any longer, she provided evidence based information so that I could make informed decisions about how my birth would go and she gave my husband breaks when he needed them. That was when I knew I wanted to be a doula!

As for belly binding. I started using a Bengkung wrap after I had my second child and was suffering from Diastasis Recti (a separation in the abdominal muscles often caused by pregnancy). I fell in love with the feeling of support it offered me and the fact that after about 12 weeks, my abdominal separation was completely gone!

Do you have a particular style or technique that you use?

For doula work, I love using hypnobirthing techniques for the mental side of birth and I use techniques such as acupressure, gentle touch, positioning, and counter pressure for the physical.

Who are the people that will benefit most from doula services?

A doula decreases your chances of C-section by 39% and the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal delivery is shown to increase by 15% with a doula! Anyone can benefit from having a doula present at their delivery, even your partner.

Describe how people would experience your service, from the minute they arrive, until they leave, and anything relevant before and after.

A consultation is free! This way we get to know one another and you can ask me whatever you’d like. We can do this over coffee or zoom, whatever you’re comfortable with.

You’ll never have to worry about being accepted into my space, from my perspective, I’m entering into yours; and I’m very honored to. The birth space is one of the most sacred and I never want to barge in on such a beautiful thing.

What are you hoping to do in the future, to expand your services or hone your skills?

I’m currently finishing my certification as a HypnoBirthing doula. I'm seeking out a Spinning Babies workshop and will also be certifying as a Rebozo Specialist in the very near future. I’m excited to keep learning and bringing whatever new techniques that I can to benefit all of my clients.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

The most important thing to look for in your doula is a connection. If you don’t find a connection with your doula then you won't do well with her in your birth space. You need to connect with her and trust her to benefit from her. This is why my consultations are free! If you’re looking for a quirky, empathetic, judgement free, enthusiastic hypno-doula… then I’ll be expecting your call! You can connect with Hannah via her Facebook Page . She is currently accepting clients, continues with her trainings, and is selling hand dyed Bengkung Belly Binds at Sacred Health! Each one is handmade and unique.

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