Getting to Know: Julie Mertz, LMFT and Yoga Teacher

Who are you and what do you do?

Hello! My name is Julie Mertz, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Yoga Teacher. I am also the Co-Owner of Ampersand Holistic Wellness.

Tell us more about what you do! I provide outpatient therapy for adults, teens, families and couples. I am also a 200-Hour Trained yoga teacher. I teach yoga with my business partner, Heather Pickart, LISW and we are offering 2-3 classes at Sacred Health each week with a focus on having social-emotional needs woven into theme and flows. We also have periodic workshops that we offer.

Why are you passionate about Therapy? Why do you love doing it? I have been working in the social work field for over 10 years and have a passion to help others and accept themselves. Therapy is such a personal and unique experience. I love the variety in it, and really getting to know each person as an individual. Do you have a particular style or technique that you use? I have a pretty eclectic style to my therapy. Really getting to know each client gives me clues about which approach I feel will resonate with them the best. What makes this service vital right now? We all know the pandemic has escalated the need for mental health support for all. I think we will see on ongoing need well after we get through these more physically restricted times. EVERYONE could benefit from therapy, if they are open to it possibly being helpful for them. Describe how people would experience your service, from the minute they arrive, until they leave, and anything relevant before and after. I work really hard to be my most genuine and authentic self with my clients. I generally do not take an 'expert' approach to sessions, and really try to listen and meet them where they are at. Being non-judgmental and accepting to allow clients to feel they can unload the thoughts, feelings and experiences that they hold very closely. Being flexible to make adjustments to where a session needs to go, so that when the client leaves, they feel different, more knowledgeable or just lighter. What are you hoping to do in the future, to expand your services or hone your skills? I would like to be Reiki attuned this spring. Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

I have a husband, 2 children (5 & 7) and a wiener dog 🙂 You can learn more about Julie, her business partner Heather, and their service offerings on their website! Julie currently sees clients at Sacred Health in Des Moines, Iowa, and teaches yoga classes there with Heather. Please reach out to them for more information!

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