Getting to Know: Miranda Hanan

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Miranda Hanan and I am the owner of New Moon Herbs; a sustainable herbal business that offers botanical skin care products, wild-crafted tinctures and postpartum products and services. I am an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, a Breastfeeding + Lactation Coach and am certified in Bengkung Belly Binding.

Can you explain what that is? An Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula is someone who “mothers the mother” following birth. I help the mother in her healing process with nutrient dense meals, Bengkung belly wrapping, herbal baths, Abhyanga massage, hands on support with the baby so she can rest and so, so much more! My ultimate goal is to provide the opportunity for the mother to get deep rest so her body, mind and spirit can heal after childbirth.

Why are you passionate about what you do? Why do you love doing it?

I’m passionate about this work because after having my own child and having no support postpartum, I realized after talking to other mothers that I wasn’t the only one. I felt so alone, so hungry and so lost after birth when this should have been a deeply transformative experience. It took me over a ​year​ to emotionally heal from my postpartum experience. I quickly became passionate about this type of birth work because it so deeply affects the mother for years and years. New mothers need help and that should not be a shameful thing-it is poor on our society to expect mothers to just “bounce back” so quickly when it is not physiologically possible. I do this work because I love holding space and seeing the mother right where she is. I feel like I am helping set families up for long term success when the mother is allowed to rest and heal as she should. This work can help mother/baby bond deeply and exponentially lowers the rates of postpartum depression.

Do you have a particular style or technique that you use?

Absolutely! I was trained through the eyes of Ayurveda. ​Ayurvedic postpartum care brings together the ancient medicine of Ayurveda and the modern research and care of postnatal doula support. These two systems work directly towards reestablishing a woman’s health and vitality following birth. The practice of Ayurveda supports profound healing brought to a new mother following the entry to motherhood. Through this care, my goal is to help bring the vata dosha (the dosha responsible for drastic change) back into balance by contrasting it - this simply means that throughout the entirety of care I will set up a space for you that is dim, warm, quiet, gentle, moist (foods, baths) and routine.

What makes this service vital right now? And who are the people that will benefit most from this service?

This service has been vital since the beginning of time when women first started birthing. In fact, our society has become so disconnected from deep care that a lot of times women don’t have ​any​ hands on support during postpartum. Historically, aunts, mothers and grandmothers would be at the bedside of a new mother helping her for weeks after she gave birth. This is simply not the case anymore. A postpartum doula stands in as the woman that gives hands on support. This type of service is not new by any means- it was started by our ancestors and continues today through the work of doulas.

Not only do mothers greatly benefit from this work, but so do siblings and spouses! I help the family adapt to having a new member on board and this can help young children during this transition. They can help me make the mother meals, help hold the baby, do infant massage and more! (I would like to specify that my services do NOT include babysitting other children, but children are more than welcome to help if they desire.)

Describe how people would experience your service, from the minute they arrive, until they leave, and anything relevant before and after.

I offer two packages of care (you can go to my website to view them!) and each package has different hours/days that I would be at your side. However, the day to day service looks the same no matter which package you choose! I’ll write below an example of a five hour day with me. Remember- this is a VERY general example and will of course change with every woman and her needs.

8am:​ I would enter your home quietly and greet you. If you haven’t eaten yet that day (most likely!) I would go into your kitchen and immediately prepare you a full breakfast complete with a warm beverage. I would offer to hold your baby so you can eat and we would go over our daily assessment questions. These questions are a great way for me to check in with you and for ​you​ to check in with you. I ask detailed questions about physical healing, emotional healing and spiritual healing. Don’t worry, they aren’t intimidating! They just allow me to see exactly where you are in that moment/day.

9:30 am: ​This would be a great time for you to check in your body to see what you need. Most of the time, you’d be feeling ready for a nap (at this point, I would encourage skin to skin napping but will absolutely hold your baby so you can rest deeply). While you are napping, I would get started on some household chores such as laundry, tidying up, dishes, etc. I would then start to prepare your lunch (all of the meals take a while to cook because I use a generous amount of ingredients so you always have leftovers! Everything is easy to digest and cooked Ayurvedically).

11am: ​You wake up and nurse your baby (I am trained in breastfeeding so I will be able to assist you if you are needing guidance) while I plate your lunch. While you are eating, I draw you an herbal bath so you can soak in healing waters. After your bath, I gently guide you in daily Abhyanga (self massage using warm oils) for yourself and for your baby while educating you on the numerous benefits Abhyanga has to offer. After I teach you this the first or second time I am with you, I will set the room up for you to do it yourself. This is a beautiful way to shower yourself with love and to help your baby relax as well.

12:30 pm: ​After you feel totally relaxed, I will bring you another warm drink. Depending on how you are feeling/what kind of birth you had, I will guide you in Bengkung belly wrapping. If you choose not to wrap this day, this would be a great time to rest again or do skin to skin.

1pm:​ I will make sure your house is tidy, dishes are clean and put away, you are fed and warm, baby is happy and this is when I leave. I will briefly go over when and what time we will meet next.

What are you hoping to do in the future, to expand your services or hone your skills?

I am of course hoping to take more herbalism and birthwork classes to better serve you. I am a mother to a very small child and will most likely have a few more children and when they are all older, I will become a birth doula as well as a postpartum doula. The time commitment of a birth doula is a little too much (with middle of the night calls and such!) with small toddlers/babies, haha! I would also love to host postpartum workshops and classes to pregnant women so they can better prepare themselves for the postpartum period. I actually offer private postpartum planning consultations (you can find that on my website as well)!

Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

If you have never heard of Ayurveda before, this all may sound a little intimidating however, no experience on your part is required for me to be your doula. After giving birth you are in a totally different headspace and I serve you Ayurvedically and ​only​ educate you if you specifically ask to know more. You will never be overrun with new facts + information. Your only requirement while I’m there is to lay in bed and rest with your baby. It is really that simple. I encourage you to book me in your second trimester or early third trimester. This allows me time to get to know you before you give birth! Both packages I offer include prenatal in-home consultations so that I can know you, your family, your home and your pets better. It is my deepest honor to serve you during this time of great transformation. Thank you for allowing me to hold space for you, to sit with you through all the hard feelings and to serve you indefinitely while I am with you.

Miranda Hanan is currently accepting new clients, and also working on a new line of Mother and Baby products! Please contact her directly via her website if you have questions or would like more information about her products and services.

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