Sacred Health and Covid

Hello friends. We wanted to address specifically what Sacred Health is doing to address everyone's concerns regarding cleanliness and safety surrounding opening the space back up to the public during this Global Pandemic. I'd first like to say that on a personal note, Coronavirus is not something that I take lightly. As a nurse working in the hospital setting, I am trained to implement Universal Precautions. This is a method of infection control that assumes that blood and other body fluids is infectious, and to protect us from spreading disease to ourselves and others. In special circumstances, we implement different types of Precautions, depending on the issue we are dealing with, such as Droplet, Contact, or Airborne (there is also Neutropenic and Radiation, but those are highly specialized). This additional information has helped to formulate some of our new cleaning practices and polices that we plan to implement as we reopen the space. A detailed version of this can be requested, but essentially understand this: all surfaces will be cleaned AND disinfected with products consistent with the greatest level of efficacy. We operate on evidence at Sacred Health. And we believe that reopening with these precautions in place is safe and will do everything we can to maintain a safe level of protection from Coronavirus for our customers and for ourselves. A few things to note:

  • We are not requiring masks, but we will be encouraging them for our customers seeing individual practitioners. We hope that you will consider them if you are there for reasons other than a yoga class. This is a very effective way to provide each other.

  • Class sizes will be limited. We will be allowing a maximum of 6 yoga students. This is based on the space we need for mats on the floor, while allowing for proper social distancing. We will be limiting regular workshops/events to 10 people.

  • The yoga mat spaces will be marked on the floor. Please help us maintain proper social distancing by using these spots.

  • Online classes will be offered. We bought some new equipment that we are hoping will improve this experience, to allow for a better online experience.

  • We are currently limiting our schedule. This allows us to slowly ease back into the space, ensuring that we can maintain the highest level of safety.

  • Please utilize parking dependent on the services you are there to utilize. If you are coming to one of our yoga classes, we ask that you enter through the 42nd Street/West Entrance/Front Parking. If you are coming for an appointment with a provider, please enter through the University/South Entrance/Additional Parking. Map below.

  • Please consider using hand sanitizer or wash your hands upon enter this space. We still plan to ask everyone to remove their shoes on entry. Slippers will be provided should you be concerned about not having shoes on.

  • Whenever possible, please bring your own equipment for yoga classes. We still plan to have equipment to use, but would like to minimize the wear and tear on a smaller selection that will receive more consistent disinfection.

  • We have a hefty Reopening Cleaning List. This includes cleaning all equipment deeply and thoroughly, running all of the water systems in the building to decrease the risk of Legionella.

  • We have Weekly, Daily, and Before/After Contact or Class cleaning lists. We hope that these will give our students and clients peace of mind when attending to their self care needs in the space.

As always, should you have questions or would like to voice concerns, we are more than happy to discuss these with you. Please email us at

We hope that you will see us in class soon, consider trying one of our excellent providers, or let us know if you need to rent a space for your next event! Thank you for trusting us with your Sacred needs!

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