Sacred Health and Inclusion in Wellness

It goes without saying that Wellness is big business. The average industry numbers from 2015 to 2017 are around $4 Trillion dollars annually. Self-care has come to include meditation, adaptogens, specialty movement classes, workshops with high end leaders.....and is now part of everyday mainstream culture. The issue is that the image of the perfect models of Wellness are often thin, white, affluent wellness influencers. These women have come to represent the ideal picture of wellness; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The reality of this perception is that brands and businesses use this very narrow and non-inclusionary image of wellness to capitalize on this audience, leaving out vast amounts of people that don't fit that model or don't have those features. These brands take on a homegenous feel; with the overall industry feeling whitewashed, and more exclusive then inclusive. But this is hardly reflective of the people that want to seek out wellness practices. However when companies don't give off a feeling of inclusion, it damages the ability for people that don't fit the narrative to seek out services, as well as those that want to be as inclusive in their services. Images of adaptogen filled lattes made from organic almond milk in hand thrown clay mugs are absolutely appealing, but they leave wellness in a place that only the affluent can afford to engage in.

It should be the job of the wellness industry to create spaces where everyone can see themselves reflected in the offices or studios, advertising, products, and service offerings, as well as the practitioners and providers that offer those services. People of all ages, races, body sizes, religions, gender identities, etc should be able to find their place in wellness. This is why Sacred Health feels pulled to continue changing our narrative in whatever ways we can to stay aware of this reality. We have a lot of work to do, but we are doing our best to be inclusive in our advertising, amplify marginalized voices, provide services to those across the financial spectrum, and develop a zero-tolerance expectation for our guests and providers on the topics of anti-racism, inclusivity, and diversity. Wellness is not a trend. Wellness is not a marketing campaign. Wellness is a RIGHT. We invite the community to:

  • Call out Sacred Health, it's owners, practitioners, or yoga instructors, if we are lacking in maintaining a sense of inclusion.

  • Contact us if you ever feel nervous or uncomfortable in any way during any interaction or potential interaction in the space. We are happy to help walk through ways to help you feel safe, accepted, and welcome.

  • Do you have a presentation that you'd like to give, or a workshop you'd like to host? Contact us! We'd love to talk more.

Beginning soon, we will have all providers, practitioners, and customers sign an agreement regarding inclusion and anti-racism. If you are another business, we encourage you to look into your own statements of inclusion, and consider asking your employees to adhere to a strict zero tolerance policy.

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