Sacred Pregnancy and Postpartum

One of the areas of health and wellness that fascinates a large portion of the providers in our space is Pregnancy, Postpartum, Lactation, and the Newborn. I wanted to highlight specific services and providers that we have at Sacred Health, so that you had a full scope of understanding on what we can help with!

Within our space we have the following providers:

  • Shannissy Catron/Budding Roses: She offers Prenatal Massage (after the first trimester), she is a birth doula, she provides placenta encapsulation services, and she offers Trauma Informed Birth Planning. This unique service can be done independently or with your doula in attendance. It provides an in-depth look at the typical birth process, and discusses traumatizing responses to standard hospital or home birth care. Alternatives or helpful insight is offered to help a client obtain a birth plan to resonates with their needs with particular attention to trauma, previous sexual or childhood sexual assault, or birth trauma.

  • Maggie Bannikatti/Reiki + Sound: While Maggie does offer Reiki to everyone, she also provides services specifically to pregnant people. Some of the more common perceived benefits include better circulation, harmonized energy levels, elimination of toxins, and a stable and confident emotional, mental, and spiritual outlook.

  • Ashley Ladroma/Iowa HypnoBirthing: We would be absolutely remiss if we didn't mention Ashley. Not only is she a labor and delivery nurse, but she also teaches one of the most popular classes in town - HypnoBirthing! But, did you know that she also offers Fertility Support, Breech Turn Support, and Invitation for Birth (for our overdue people)? I bet you didn't!

  • Amanda Snowwhite/Snowwhite Botanicals: Amanda not only offers amazing herbal and aromatherapeutic support, but she is also a doula, and a placenta encapsulation specialist. As she continues to develop her offerings (which will include herbal support for pregnant and postpartum people) will keep the community informed!

  • Sabbath Schrader/Sabbath Schrader, RN: Sabbath is a labor and delivery nurse, who also offers Ayurvedic Assessments (which can be especially helpful during pregnancy), and Nurse Consultations. These 1-on-1 discussions can help determine services that may be helpful, problem solve common issues that people experience in the healthcare and wellness journey's and provide emotional support to people experiencing higher risk pregnancies. Placenta Encapsulation services is also in her skill set.

Coming Soon:

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga: We are working with instructors in the area, and hope to have this up and coming soon!

  • Mental Health Services: We are still developing this, and we aren't sure what all it will entail. But this is a passion for many of us in the space.

  • Lactation Assistance: We are hoping to work with an IBCLC to offer support and services to our clientele at Sacred Health! More information coming soon.

  • Workshops and Classes: We are developing all kinds of groovy workshops and topics!

  • Adult Sexual Education: While this isn't specific to Pregnancy, it's sort of a part of the situation. ;-) We are working on developing Sexual Education series for adults, as well as individual workshops and introductory breakout topics.

  • Continuing Education for BirthWorkers: Not only are we hoping to offer continuing education, but we are hoping to even have and hold trainings for doula workshops, postpartum doula workshops, and certified lactation counselor trainings.

  • We are brainstorming all the time! Is there a service, workshop, or class that you'd like us to explore? Let us know!

We also want to make one thing abundantly clear:

We are a completely inclusive space. LGBTQIA+ are welcome in our space. As births professionals, we will use ever effort to use inclusive language. If you catch us doing it wrong? Please call us out. We deserve it.

We also have a zero tolerance policy against racism. Not only will we continue to do the work to explore our own racism and contribution to that system, but we will not allow anyone into the space that promotes overt or covert racism. If you see it, please call it out for what it is. We hope you'll consider us for your pregnancy, postpartum, lactation, and newborn needs! You can always email us with questions.

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