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Postpartum Holistic Nursing Services

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Postpartum Care in the United States is sorely lacking. Most families, regardless of their circumstances or comfort level with newborns, are sent home to fend for themselves for the first 6-8 weeks of their newborns lives. 

As a labor and delivery nurse - this petrifies me, for multiple reasons, and it should bother you too. We think of maternal mortality and morbidity as only occuring during the birth itself, but 52% of maternal deaths occur during the postpartum period. 19% of total deaths occur within the first 1-6 days. 21% of deaths occur from 1 week-6 weeks. You are discharged on day 2, and likely won't see a provider to assess you and your wellbeing until the 6 week appointment. 

This dramatic hole in postpartum care places our families at risk. When compared to a lot of other industrialized countries, our maternal mortality rates are up to THREE TIMES more common here. In addition, the U.S. and Canada have the lowest overall supply of midwives and ob-gyns — 12 and 15 providers per 1,000 live births, respectively. All other countries have a supply that is between two and six times greater. There simply aren't enough of us to cover the need. We also have a significantly higher ob-gyns to midwives ratio, which is opposite from other industrialized countries with better maternal survival rates. High-income countries with the lowest intervention rates, best outcomes, and lowest costs have integrated midwifery-led care in their healthcare sytem. Plain and simple. We need to do better. 

So, what is Postpartum Holistic Nursing Services?

Quite frankly? It's what the rest of the world gets. However, just to be clear:

  • 6 Visits in Your Home

    • 1st visit 48-96 hours after discharging from the hospital (or from delivery).

    • Each visit weekly after that. 

    • Visits completed in your home (see note on extended distances).

  • Assessments on both Baby and Postpartum Parent

    • Baby: head to toe assessment on the baby, weight checks, hands on lactation assistance, weekly education on normal development of baby, and identification of abnormals. Referrals and resources as needed. 

    • Postpartum Parent: blood pressure checks, and either incision or perineal checks as desired, mental health assessment and resources, lactation assessments and resources. 

  • Referral and resources for other family members. 

  • Listening Visits or Birth Trauma Resolution available as needed (BTR for additional fee). 

  • Waiving in-home Mobile IV Therapy fees for Parent or Support Person.

  • 6 week developmental Ages and Stages Questionnaire Screening for baby before discharge.

  • Non-Emergency On-Call Access to me for the first 6 weeks of life.


My service fee is payable in advance, and you may use an FSA/HSA if you wish:

  • $400 for those located within the Des Moines metro area

  • $450 for those within 30 minutes of the metro

  • $500 for those within 60 minutes of the metro

I want to be clear that I am flexible, and able to work with your family and your needs. Services can be obtained for babies that fall outside of the 'well baby' category, but would need to be contracted on a case-by-case basis. Home visists are preferred, due to the nature of providing you the best postpartum care, but can be completed in office if you'd prefer. I am happy to cluster visits with other home visitors if you'd prefer, to maximize your resting time. I may be willing to contract with your home birth provider, if you would prefer visits from me in your home. A full detailed set of records can be sent to your baby's care provider before their 8 week visit, upon request.


If you are interested in learning more about home visits, please reach out to me by email to establish care and self-refer. If you are a care provider that would like additional visits for your clients, please reach out to me by email to refer. Thank you!

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