Emily Alberhasky

Your Doula For Life

Certified Labor Doula

My name is Emily Alberhasky and I have been a birth doula in the Des Moines area since 2010. I absolutely love supporting birthing people and their partners in one of the most vulnerable and life changing moments in their lives. It's an honor to have been with so many beautiful families on their birth journey.

I am a mother to five beautiful children who teach me every day how to be more present, more authentic, and more compassionate. My role as a mother has taught me more about how to show up for life. All of it. Even the hard stuff. ESPECIALLY the hard stuff. It's also taught me that we cannot do it alone. We need people. We need connection. I couldn't be more humbled to hold space for and offer companionship to families during this time in their lives and beyond…hence, Your Doula for Life.

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(515) 669-0904
Emily Alberhasky