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Ramona “Mo” Tortorilla, RH

Clinical Herbalist

Plant wise

Person centered

Community minded

Nearly all my clients turned to plant medicine because no one else could help them. No one took the time to really listen. After 15 years and more than 10,000 hours of face-to-face time with clients, I’ve learned how important listening is to find the underlying reasons for disease.

Some of the most common reasons my clients choose herbalism are (to name a few):

*Male and female hormone imbalances

*Digestion irregularities

*Pain or injury issues

*Circulation-related problems

*Heart-centered conditions

*Mysterious fatigue and weakness

*Insomnia from all causes

*Mood and emotional balance

*Skin health – acute and chronic

*Immune and autoimmune

Cycling, hiking, movies, travel, morning yoga, cooking and spending time with my 3 grandkids are some ways I keep a healthy balance in my personal life. Let’s talk about what makes YOU unique and how to get back to the joy of life.

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Ramona “Mo” Tortorilla, RH