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Rebecca Schleuger-Valadao

Woman Rising Midwifery

Certified Nurse Midwife

I am a hospital and home birther. I am a land and water birther. I am a breastfeeder. I am a survivor of a 4th degree and then 1st degree lacerations. I know what the hospital setting lacks and what safe out-of-hospital birth can do for women, babies and families. I believe that birth is beautiful in any setting and that women should choose the setting and providers that they feel safest with. Home may be that for some and for others not, and that is okay. There is no best place to birth, only what is best for you. I am a believer in women and in the good of all humans. I believe that access to safe, quality and respectful reproductive healthcare is a right of every person.

When I am not at birth or figuring out how to manage this website, business facebook or'll find me with my girls. They are my light, I am strong because of them and for them. You might find us jumping on the trampoline, riding our bikes at Greenwood trails, walking our 3 dogs, being outdoors with our awesome neighbors, snuggled up reading Harry Potter or Percy Jackson books. My oldest is an avid baker and cook and keeps us all well fed. My youngest is just the right amount of silly, sassy and sincere, she makes all our hearts melt. My late husband is carried in all our hearts and continues to be a light in darkened times.

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Rebecca Schleuger-Valadao
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