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Sabbath Schrader

Sacred Health Owner

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Sabbath Schrader, RN is not an Iowa Native. Her birthing career started on the West Coast in Seattle, WA where she was a Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist for many years before relocating to the Midwest. She believes that we are all innately designed for wellness, and works with individuals and Families through her business, Sacred Health, to address issues with their Chronic Pain through an Ayurvedic lens, as well as providing Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy to those affected by Traumatic Childbirth experiences. Holistic Nursing Services available. When I'm not running Sacred Health, seeing patients in my own practice, working at Woman Rising Midwifery as a Homebirth Nurse, or getting ready to take my next training, I enjoy all things crunchy and crafty. I'm a knitter, a spinner, a gardener, a kayaker, a kombucha maker, a sour dough starting, cheese making, tree hugging, evidence based and righteously inclusive social justice nerd.

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Sabbath Schrader