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The Tea Shop

Everything we do is better with tea. But this isn't just your average tea shop. It's so much more. The Sacred Health Tea Shop is the heart of this place. Let us tell you more. 


A cup of tea is such a simple thing, but it comes with so many important benefits. At Sacred Health, we see a cup of tea as a way to give you a hug without breaking the touch barrier. It's an act of care and compassion. It's so much more than tea. 

Much of our space and services in the tea shop are meant to benefit the community building aspect. Here are a few things to know about!


Spill the Tea Events

Are you a local provider or business owner with a topic you want to educate on? Read more about Spill the Tea Events HERE.

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Private Tea Gatherings

Do you have a small group that you want to provide some private space for? Rent out the Tea Shop! Contact us HERE.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Custom Tea Blends

Is tea a regular part of your business?  Are you looking for a Signature Blend? We can help create a blend just for you. Contact us HERE.