Workplace Wellness Workshops

Step out of the office, destress, refocus and reinvigorate your team with a tailor-made workplace wellness workshop with benefits that will last well beyond your time with us. Give your employees the gift of time spent together, learning some tools they can use to find relaxation, pain relief, and reflection.

Ranging in length from 2 hours to an entire day, come discuss with us the possibilities of allowing your staff to focus on their own selfcare. Because at Sacred Health, we believe that We are all Designed for Wellness.

At Sacred Health we specialize in therapeutic movement, trauma informed healing, chronic pain and disorders, and finding everyday wellness. We find our workshop opportunities are suited for a wide variety of fields; from salons with busy hair stylists, to financial firms with employees that dash from meeting to meeting. Your workshop should be as unique as the people filling your space. We will sit down with you ahead of time and determine what some of the needs are for your employees, so we can better design a workshop experience that fits. Some ideas for different pieces we could put together for you:

  • 30, 45, or 60 minute Yoga session specially designed with your employees in mind. Does your staff spend a lot of time on their feet? A ton of time spent in front of a computer screen? Yoga sessions can be tailored to the needs of your people.

  • Guided Meditations can be incorporated for stress relief, trauma processing as a team, or creative enhancement

  • Presentation on Ayurveda, Dosha Assessments, and discussing the importance of a morning routine.

  • Discussion on Tea, different kinds, brewing methods, and which teas can provide benefit to our mind and bodies, with a tea tasting.

  • Aromatherapy presentation, with a safety lesson for essential oils, and other ways that aromatherapy can be incorporated into your life in a holistic way.

  • Simple Holistic/Alternative First Aid presentation, discussing other ways to manage simple wounds, bruises, ailments, and burns.

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